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Олимпийский позор

  • Олимпийский позор

Олимпиада на носу. Сорок три фотографии, которые не нуждаются в комментариях. Пожалуй, это провал!

Только свежие фото!

New sidewalk.


Unfinished hotel.

Trying to cover the reality with fence.

Near main road.

Quality of Russian roads [Part 1].

Trashcans is still very new technology for Sochi.

They had to finish them in March.

Still no electricity.

Grass looking very good.

Another apartment for volunteers .

This doesn’t look that bad.

Oh, wait…

Trying to fix the holes.

Power systems look very solid and finished.


Red can says «water».

More trash.

Even more trash.

I know you’re already tired of trash.

Quality Russian roads [Part 2].

No gas.

But there’s special park for Putin.

And it is closed for public.

Students were forced to plant new trees.

Another shot of Putin’s park.

Nothing to fix here.

I don’t know what it is, but looks like paint for grass (it’s also used in Moscow).

For your notice, it’s the center of the city.

Самое читаемое сегодня

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